Friday, 4 August 2017

Ndi Umunyarwanda: Why I am voting for Paul Kagame

He’s instilled confidence in his citizens in that they aim at thoughts of thinking big, knowing they’re countable of their country, unity staying together no matter what.

He’s impacted lots of positive leadership that is- development in infrastructure, gacaca courts where cases of some genocide perpetrators were solved, which I haven’t heard any where in the world.

He’s given us back our worth, DIGINTIY is the word locally known as “AGACIRO” today Rwanda is a country to learn from, WE ARE A LESSON.

The man stands for self reliance,  development and unity which citizen wouldn’t wish and love such a leader.

He’s uniqueness is witnessed through pulling Rwanda that was left for tatters, left to rot and misery to prosperity in most sectors.

He’s restored and brought to the forefront the rights of women who now have a say in society and all its corners.

He’s well suited for the leadership.

He accomplishes what he promises, say Gira Inka – One Cow per family it helps families to get milk for their own use and those cows increase as well and help prevent malnutrition.

He’s fought corruption tirelessly ,ensured security and he’s tirelessly installed affordable health insurance for all citizens.

He’s provided a free and fair equal platform for youth to express their will and wishes and opportunities have been provided to them.

The list is endless my pal. I would write a  book for all his good deeds man, the MAN is GOOD and I see Rwanda AFRICA’S HEAVEN ON EARTH.

He's not a decisive and rule leader, he's done away with the ethnicity ideology which almost cost us our Safest Haven our home.

He's introduced a NDI UMUNYARWANDA Policy that defines us all as Rwandans and not based on our Ethnicity definition, the Oneness defines us as RWANDANS.

Written by Ingabire Assumpta |@Assyinga